12/12 = The best Horror movie of the year! See it over and over. Buy it on Blue-Ray, download it and watch it over and over!
11/12 = One of the excellent Horror movies of the year. See it at the theater. Buy it on Blue-Ray or download it.
10/12 = The most frequently used score. It means the Horror Movie was good enough to pay to see it at the theaters. And since we love Horror movies, if they are well made, then you should!
9/12 = A great Horror Movie rental. You should see it in theaters, only if you are a dedicated Horror fan. Otherwise, it will make a great rental!
The 12 Nights Of Horror Movie Reviews
are a quick easy way to see what Horror Movies are worth watching at the theaters, on-demand, streaming or never, ever see it. Donster is a Horror movie fan, unlike most Critics, who are only out there to bash the Horror genre! You can trust the Monster!
My reviews are based on a (1-12) score out of 12 DARK MOONS.


8/12 = A solid rental Horror movie, or if you wait until it is streaming, it will be a great one to watch then.
7/12 = An OK Horror movie, but wait until it is streaming or on TV to watch.
6/12 = A So-So Horror movie that should only be watched if on a free platform and there is nothing but a Romance movie out there to watch!
5-1/12 = Don't bother to waist your time watching these Horror Movies, unless the only other option available to watch on the secluded island you live on is "Twilight," In which case, carry on and watch these first!
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Directed by 
Chris Good Goodwin...(as Chris Goodwin)
Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)  
Chris Good Goodwin...(story) (as Chris Goodwin)
Cast (in credits order)  
Mike Estes...Todd Smith
Mandy Meyers...Melissa Smith
Evelyn Komocsi...Emily Smith
Chris Brewster...Paul Smith
Peter Hodgins...Doug McKuttle
Manfred Dannemann...Dave 'the Doctor' McKuttle
Stacey Arseneau...Sarah McKuttle
Steve Meyers...Allan McKuttle
Gareth Moyse...James McKuttle
Anne Shepherd...Anna McKuttle
Matt Sawyers...Bransby
Tom Goodwin...Gregs
Matthew Rooney...Himself - Interviewee
Carol Kennedy...Christine Baker (voice)
Andrea Abgrall...Stalking Victim
Joanna Haughton...McKuttle Victim
Meaghan Kelly...Towel Victim
Ashlee Kennedy...Bloody Victim
Sarah Williams...Car Victim
Produced by 
Hidden Horizons...producer
Music by 
Candy Jack Jones

Cinematography by 

Mike Estes
Chris Good Goodwin...(as Chris Goodwin)
Film Editing by 
Chris Good Goodwin...(as Chris Goodwin)
Costume Design by 
Mike Estes
Makeup Department 
Laura artist
Sound Department 
Chris Brewster...sound mixer
Chris Good Goodwin...sound editor (as Chris Goodwin)
Special Effects by 
Carlos Henriques...special effects makeup
Visual Effects by 
Tim artist
Camera and Electrical Department 
Chris Brewster...additional photography
Steve Meyers...additional photography
Ian Sun...additional photography
Costume and Wardrobe Department