Feb 24

Chop it up with 12 Nights of Horror MUSIC!

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🔪🔪 What's up, ya'll! Dismay here! 🔪🔪


Welcome to the wicked world of 12 Nights of Horror Music! We're all about support within our creepy community, so if you make terrifying tunes be sure to engage! You can also send us your music links and we may build you a customized gravestone for the 12NightsofHorror.com website!


You can check out our chilling horror hits HERE: https://www.12nightsofhorror.com/horror-music


We've just recently made it out of our own grave, but we'll have a horde of sinister tunes in the coming months. 💀


Keep in touch here, or email us at: 12NightsMusic@gmail.com


Stalk us on Social Media:








Feb 25

This is sooooo Cool! Come on Horror musicians... Let's get your music out to Horror Fans!

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  • Dig your sharp claws into the newest addition to 12NightsOfHorror.com with WEREWOLVES IN SIBERIA! 🎹🔥🎹🔥🎹🔥� �🔥🎹🔥🎹🔥🎹 This gory horror synth creator plays soundtracks as if his life depends on it. Initially connecting via our work together at the fallen Fangoria Musick label, WIS is one of the first artists I thought of when starting up my new home at 12 Nights of Horror Music! He's insanely nasty when it comes to horror synth soundtracks and I'm honored to include his work in our creepy music community. Bite into WIS here: 12nightsofhorror.com/werewolvesinsiberia Stalk his other sites..if you dare: Bandcamp: werewolvesinsiberia.bandcamp.com Facebook: facebook.com/werewolvesinsiberia Instagram: instagram.com/werewolvesinsiberia Twitter: twitter.com/cultofwis Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1WY2DSBKmMBaQGMM92FyJ5 🔪🔪🔪🔪 And.. as always, come play with us here: Twitter.com/ 12NightsMusic Twitter.com/ 12NightHorror Twitter.com/ Dismay00 Facebook.com/ 12NightsOfHorror 😈😈 😈😈 We don't bite..grab us via email here: 12NightsMusic@gmail.com 💀💀 💀💀